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Cabal 2 Twitch Stream FAQ

Le 16 August 2015, 04:28 dans Humeurs 0

Normal method to get cabal 2 alz is farm in game. According to my personal experience, the drop rate very low now. Dungeon bosses dropping rare much better but hard to kill. you need good equipments if you want do it by yourself. sometimes you need a team to do that. farming is harder and harder now. just buy cabal 2 alz from and all good items you have.

Good day absolutely everyone,


The latest Twitch streams have all been 90% Q&A, so I don't want those who never want to watch the streams to miss out on any important information and facts. Every week just after my streams, I will be transcribing quite possibly the most vital questions I was equipped to answer here (When they are NA weeks even so, they may most likely be pushed back to Monday)

So here are the questions I have answered from final week's stream (8/7) and today's stream (8/14)

These are not going to generally be verbatim. Please do not be mad if I condense the questions. Also thank Sharka simply because his question recreation is on position.

Is definitely the FPS (Frame rate) optimization being worked on?

Yes! This month specifically we're focusing on making sure CABAL two is considerably better optimized. This will choose a while, but is definitely in progress as well as the primary focus.

Will Quick Manner be brought back?

It can be continue to under discussion. There are several factors that need to be considered before we bring that back, but other dungeons modes are also being considered. Only time will inform!

Why does the Black Evening Nightmare gear lack set bonuses?

The Black Night time Nightmare equipment was designed to function like the Unchangeable Semiramiss gear; gear that has the top stats for every class. If the stats are not up to par that's something will likely be looked into, but it was never intended to possess a set reward.

Was the Account Bound equipment alter something that can be reverted back? This is often a combination of questions all relating into the unpopular adjust from the Epic equipment

This can be an additional topic which is nevertheless under discussion. It absolutely was transformed owing to numerous reasons, including the fact that high conclude stage gear was easily accessible to little to no effort. This will likely be improved with the up coming major written content update, and additional details are going to be revealed the moment the plans are finalized. We are considering both of those the feedback we received alongside our primary reasons for the modify.

Are there any plans for extra Cabal two Alz sinks to degree out Cabal 2 Alz inflation?

Yes, most definitely. We're going to release far more details as everything becomes clear, but plans for high Cabal two Alz things are definitely into play.

Is Pub Owner Velini a cool person?

Yes, she is. You should pay her a visit.

You the cabal two video game is about when

Le 12 August 2015, 05:40 dans Humeurs 0

Est had an excellent chance to produce a fantastic recreation right into a higher game. They actually done **** up lol. This is not even a minor **** up... This really is on the standard of stomping on communities opinions and throwing it at their encounter.


In some cases its hard to just accept "the consumer is often right" but when it involves you earning profits and enhancing the fulfillment of one's consumers which nets you additional cash... Then it is a pretty critical guideline.


The corporate has basically throw thousands of dollars down the drain. I am very positive thousands of bucks worth of shoppers remaining the sport. This never concern me but it truly is anything to consider.

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What helps make this modification so unbelievably terrible just isn't a great deal of which they modified the non-binded gear. It is a stack of bugs and effectiveness challenges and spammers. These problems aren't minor but usually are not deal breakers possibly. But then you certainly have EST wanting to improve issue of dungeons. Dungeons that you can scarcely even participate in bring about the FPS is so lower. We are discussing 10-20 fps inside dungeons. Thats almost unplayable.


Then you definitely have equipment. Persons can not even discover a get together to grind their gear so their alternate was to farm reduce degree dungeons or globe monsters to achieve alz in order that they possess the opportunity to purchase good gear that other gamers farmed in HC/SG/LATANA. This one is a big dilemma. Till today i do not even determine what the inside of sg/hc seems to be like simply because eight several hours day by day of spamming just isn't enough to receive DPS into a sg/hc operate. This problem relates to me a good deal and im guaranteed plenty of other people. I farmed environment monsters for my alz to acquire SG/HC equipment. I now own a complete set. The stats are horrible but not less than now I dont die in 2 hits. Consider this 1 by yourself fearful from the vast majority of the men and women who can't take care of to obtain into SG/HC.